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3. Plots and Macguffins [9/Oct/2013]
Topic Started: Sep 12 2009, 09:16 AM (4,921 Views)
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Recent Areas of Interest

  • Westopolis - A facility belonging to Aranea Industries, a cybernetics and software development company rooted in Holoska, has had its Westopolis Branch facility become victimized by notorious corporate burglar Tiny the Filcher. Supposedly, the thief absconded with a number of items of great value, reportedly including prototype interface hardware, and is also responsible for collateral damages estimated at one-hundred-and-seventy thousand Rings. More details as this story develops...

Important Plot Information

  • Nothing as of yet! The world is currently somewhat fresh from the events of Shadow the Hedgehog (given about a year of recovery time), and no site plots have yet been scheduled.

Chaos Emerald Locations
Green Chaos Emerald: Available
Red Chaos Emerald: Available
Yellow Chaos Emerald: Available
Cyan Chaos Emerald: Available
Blue Chaos Emerald: Available
Purple Chaos Emerald: Available
White Chaos Emerald: Available
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