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2. Character Guidelines [v3.3]; When considering your character....
Topic Started: Mar 15 2009, 08:37 PM (3,332 Views)
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Character Restrictions

  • While canon characters are allowed, carbon copies of said canons are not. If your character is a blatant copy, we will not accept it, instead redirecting you to this thread and trashing your topic. The same restrictions apply to any character whose name includes a canon character's name as part of it; Mecha/Metal <name> characters will not be allowed, except those that are already canon. This does not mean you can't make a robotic version of YOUR character, of course.
  • We do not allow crossovers on this forum, i.e. bringing in characters from other genres. There is no reason--logical or otherwise--why Link would abandon Hyrule to run around Mobius. This completes a rule of thumb: if it isn't canon, it's an original character, "original" being the key word.
  • Due to major abuse in the past, we encourage players to not create characters based around cybernetics - back in the day, we had literally dozens of 'cyborg' characters with mechanical limbs and organs running around, and we'd rather not have that come up again. If you must create a cybernetically-enhanced character, we ask that you try to put a few unique spins on the concept, or just try something else.
  • PLEASE, for the love of Chaos, do not include your character's SPECIES in lieu of a last name. If you were to look in Sonic Cyclone's character phone book, you would probably see two entire pages dedicated to the "the Hedgehog" family. It's getting ridiculous at this point. If your character's most distinguishing characteristic is being "the Hedgehog", "the Cat", "the Lizard", or some variation on the _<Name>_ the _<Species>_ template, then your character really isn't interesting enough to warrant mention. Your first creation of a _<Name>_ the _<Species>_ character will earn you a warning. Subsequent offenses will be worth a one-week ban each. This has seriously become that much of a problem.

We follow a fairly strict canon (no, Sonic does not play electric guitar). We've had problems in the past with people trying to register characters from other Sonic canons (such as Archie Comics' interpretation, or Sonic Underground). The Administration would like to stipulate that the characters themselves can be valid, but any events that are not of acceptable canon have not and will not happen, and such characters will need a new Bio. The following is a chart of canons' current validity, in order of "invalid to valid".

Comics (Fleetway, Archie Comics)
Movies (Sonic OVA)
Cartoons (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Saturday Morning Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Underground)

GameGear/Nomad (Sonic Drift, Tails' Adventure, Tails Skypatrol, etc)
NDS (Sonic Rush [Adventure], Sonic Chronicles)
Sonic Generations (Not having happened yet)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

Sonic X
Sonic Heroes
Genesis/Megadrive (Excluding Sonic Crackers and Knuckles Chaotix)
Dreamcast/Gamecube (Sonic Adventure)
Sonic Colors (Offscreen)
Sonic Unleashed


Hero: The average good guy. He fights to protect others, on different levels ranging from just being helpful to fighting Villainy with a purpose.

Villain: The average bad guy. Stealing, kidnapping, and other crime is their game. Of course, their levels of evil vary, from the simple thief to the genius megalomaniac.

Rogue: They like running on the fence. Known mainly as mercenaries, they fight on either side depending on how much profit or benefits they will get out of it.

Civilian: Basically a Rogue, but is more neutral, staying out of conflicts. If they join a conflict purposely (for anything other than self-defense), they automatically become a Rogue.

Battle Information

Not including their Chaos Potential, Each character has two attacks: A Signature Attack, and a Special Attack.

A Special Attack is an attack to use sparingly. Think of them, unsurprisingly, as Specials in a fighting game. If your character uses magical or supernatural powers of any sort, this is where you write them. Each Special Attack should be unique - if you have three Special Attacks that are all variations on '<Name> throws a fireball in a specific trajectory', consider combining them into a single Special Attack with multiple uses. In the same vein, however, do not make a single Special Attack slot do too much.

A Signature Attack is one only YOU can do. It could be the result of years of arduous training, a sort of robotic component, or simply that your character has fangs, claws, and tail(s). Think of your character as being controlled by a game controller: your Signature attack is what happens when you tap the A button.

Due to recent logistical developments (or lack thereof), I'm pointing out here something that seems to be lost on a lot of people.
Your character has to be realistically powerful, and their attacks must not boast complete efficacy. What this means is that no described attack is able to say "This will [do this kind of damage]," or "The character will do this, which will kill the opponent. Erroneous parts are included in red, for your ease in understanding.
The issue with this is that an application is sort of like a contract. If you state that a chosen technique "will" do this, then this "will" occur, regardless of efficacy.
And also, if you wish to measure an aspect of an attack or technique (such as size and quantity of projectiles, or projected damage), you must be specific! And if your attack is particularly dangerous and/or powerful, you might be required to make a drawback for its use. If you do this, make sure to have it make sense for the attack in question. Maybe it takes a lot of energy to use, maybe it damages the user? Heck, you could even use an 'ammunition' system and/or reload time, or make an attack that has to charge up over the course of several turns before using.

Chaos Potential and Chaos Emeralds

Every now and then, a Chaos Emerald is flung by a staff member into a random forum. Any characters in the vicinity can then participate in the event to collect it. Be wary, though. If more than one character is interested, a fight may break out!

Chaos Power is an ability that only YOU have, since Chaos Emeralds affect each bearer in a different way. Each Chaos Emerald a character owns grants him/her a power that can greatly change the flow of battle. With two or more Emeralds, the ability is strengthened for each one possessed - be sure to write in exactly HOW your Chaos Power improves. Be careful, though, as the Emeralds will demand that much more power from the user.
A Chaos Emerald usually has an unusual or unworldly impact on the wielder, something along the lines of energy or magic. The effects can be along the lines of:
  • Active-Aggressive. For example, Shadow the Hedgehog's Chaos Blast. This directly harms or injures things.
  • Passive-Aggressive. For example, Shadow's Chaos Overdrive. This power boosts attack attributes, but doesn't actively harm anything.
  • Active-non-Aggressive. We have one count of 'Chaos Cure' here. The effect here isn't detrimental to anything, but has a focus for it's power.
  • Passive-non-Aggressive. This can simply be some sort of defensive charm.

With a single Emerald, a character can activate his/her Chaos Power. Doing so takes it's toll on the user, though. Chaos Power can only be used 10 times in any given topic. With 2 Emeralds, the ability becomes stronger, but it can now only be used 8 times. The rate of energy drain is explained below:
  1. Emerald: 10 uses
  2. Emeralds: 8 uses
  3. Emeralds: 6 uses
  4. Emeralds: 4 uses
  5. Emeralds: 2 uses
  6. Emeralds: 1 use

*Please note that you COULD always just use fewer Emeralds to use a lesser version of the ability, even if you have more in your possession. It's a good way to not keel over in the middle of an important battle.

Now, the prospect of possessing all seven Chaos Emeralds brings us to a very special type of ability...

Transformation-Based Abilities

The bread and butter of any 'badass' character is the transformation, or alternate form. There's a dozen different ways to do it - maybe your character has all seven Chaos Emeralds (or equivalents thereof) and has attained Super Form; maybe you've found a Crisis Stone that imposes a transformation of some kind; maybe you've fused with your Totemic Beast (or another character), or have this dark evil persona somewhere inside you that breaks out every so often. There's a lot of different ways to transform, and they all follow the same basic rule:

Any transformation or alternate form featuring alterations or additional abilities beyond a blanket enhancement of a character's already-innate powers must have its own profile, and is treated as a separate character.

What this means, of course, is that complex transformations require an entirely different character sheet for themselves. Simple alternate form changes like adding Fire to all of your attacks, altering your size, or spontaneously sprouting wings can just be counted as a regular ability, but if your transformation adds stuff like new attacks and abilities into the mix, then it needs to be written up as a separate character profile in its own post. You CAN write a separate profile for simple transformations if you really, really want to, but it's not a necessity.

Aside from personal links and the like, you are expected to keep general Gameplay Information in your signature. You need, at the and other items. A good format would be as follows:

<Link to Character Profile>

Chaos Emeralds:
Crisis Stones:
Other Items:

Chao Data (If applicable)

Totemic Beast Data (If applicable)

Spoiler tags are also a wonderous thing to have, as they keep your signature data compresed and sealed away until you need to look at it. As a rule, try to keep your signature as small and compact as possible. Use your imagination when formatting.

Editing regulations:
It might be the case, a few months or years down the line, that you want to modify your character application. Maybe something has happened and your character has outgrown the data, or they've adopted a new style of fighting, or maybe they got married and you want to form a linkback to their spouse's profile? Well, this may help you to find out how to go about it.
Some edits do not require staff approval. The first point of this section will be to provide examples of which actions follow that trend.

You do not need staff approval for:
  • Modifying Description to track changes to your characters physical appearance.
  • Modifying Personality to include changes in character's mental state (differing outlooks, instabilities, phobias, etc).
  • Changing Bio to reflect events that have transpired.
  • Modifying your character's age (because they age, for crying out loud).
  • Correcting typos.
  • Adding relationship or other nonpertinent data.

You do need staff approval for:
  • Changing name
  • Changing alignment
  • Changing combat data of any kind (apart from aforementioned typos)

It's easy to get permission. Using the Cbox is the easiest way, but you may also ask anyone in this list (except people who are solely Forum Moderators), and not FissionPosted Image (who isn't around anymore).
Asking me is also valid. Basically, if you want to make an edit and you're not sure if it should require permission, it's safer to ask and make sure than assume and be accused of cheesing the system.
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