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1. RolePlay and Forum Rules [3.61]; When playing with others...
Topic Started: Mar 15 2009, 07:11 PM (5,648 Views)
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  1. Be friendly to other RolePlayers. They're here for the same reason you are: to have fun. Nobody likes a whiner or flamer or troll. Please be respectful!
  2. Having multiple accounts is unacceptable. Anybody caught using multiple accounts to RolePlay will result in BOTH accounts being banned, and the forfeiture of all assets to your characters' inventories.
  3. We do not condone excessive profanity. We'll allow for the odd cuss if your character has a vulgar disposition, but this is a PG13 board and we want it safe for kids.
  4. Bullying is not tolerated. If anyone is found to be consistently bullying someone, they will be disciplined in turn. This is especially true for the Cbox.
  5. Please separate game events you are posting from things that are not being said by your character by using "OOC" (out of character), OT (Off topic), etc.
  6. If you see someone disobey the rules, either point them here, help them via Private Messaging, or report the post so we can deal with it. A lot of rule-breakers are either new to the system, or people who trip over the odd obscure rule. In those cases, we'll give you a friendly little prod in the right direction.
  7. Avatars should not be wider than 120 pixels to avoid stretching the board. There is no file size constraint, but they must conform to the ZetaBoards' Terms of Service.
  8. Signatures may not not be excessively tall and can not stretch the forum horizontally.
  9. Account Purges occur from time to time, depending on the number of inactive accounts. If your account has been inactive for at least 30 days, unless a valid reason has been given, your account will be marked for deletion if the need arises. Profiles and character inventories (Except for Chaos Emeralds) will be archived, so if you decide to rejoin the board at a later date, your progress will be saved.
  10. Bot/Spam accounts will be banned summarily and with prejudice (IP and username). 'People' hocking kitchen supplies or textiles or worse are a severe problem here. Any post of a product-advertisement or robotic nature will be met with no-questions-asked permabanning.
  11. Lately, we've been having a problem with people RPing in the Cbox. Normally, this hasn't been a problem. But all I've been seeing lately are 'fights' and make-out sessions breaking out in a place that should be used for discussion. We still accommodate Cbox RP to a degree, but please respect that others have to use it too. If there is a conversation in place, or a conversation needs to occur, please discontinue your RP if you are in the middle of one, and take it to the RP Shoutbox. Anything you have to say is of a lower priority than literally everything else that may can potentially happen there. If anyone complains about what you're doing, move it elsewhere.
  12. Finally, if you see something that's interrupting your playing pleasure, then please, please, please, let us know. It is your job to enjoy our services, and our job to ensure your enjoyment. If you don't enjoy it, then we have failed. Don't make us fail, and send a Private Message to a Staff Member. These will either be Moderators or Administrators. The latter is identifiable by the Chaos Emerald on the end of their name..

Discipline Policies

  1. The first offense almost always constitutes in a warning. Being rude and godmod(d)ing will usually only result in a verbal warning, via PM or IM, but spamming and large arguments usually result in an official board warning. Large spam attacks, trolling, massive godmod(d)ing and the like may result in tier-3 punishments, including multi-day or permanent bans.

  2. The second offense may result in another warning, or being banned for 24 hours.

  3. A third offense usually results in a 48- to 72-hour ban. You will lose access to the board, and the CBox if it becomes a problem. You are welcome back by all means afterwards.


  1. Do not lag unexpectedly. We want this role play to operate as fast as possible. In the event we can't do that, we want to expect obstacles; if you're going somewhere, notify the board in the Welcome/Goodbye forum, we'll keep your character safe and warm. If you're willing, you can temporarily hand control over to someone else. 72 hours is the minimum time you should give someone before skipping someone. If you don't respond within three days, the people you are playing with may skip over you and continue.

  2. It is acceptable (and encouraged) to have multiple characters. With multiple characters, if you're waiting for the story with one character to progress, you can work on your other character(s) elsewhere. However, their inventories are NOT shared, and cannot be transferred unless they meet in person. You are allowed to have up to five characters, which are approved based on normal standards and your amount of activity.

  3. You are allowed to have one NPC at the start. NPC's should not be used like a main character, but can be used as a force to accent other players' threads and stories. At 100 posts you are allowed two, and you can apply for a third the 150 post mark. After that, NPCs are handled on a case-by-case basis by the staff.

  4. Godmodding is generally not allowed. You are responsible for your own character, so don't unfairly control the circumstances of anyone else's character (without their prior permission).

  5. Do not godmode (AKA powergame), either. Having a unnaturally strong character will result in the suspension of your character's actions while you weaken or restrain your character to a more tolerable level. Godmoding is usually attributed to super strength, speed, defense and charisma. This may also apply to instances of in character combat in which your character constantly avoids even the most absolute of hits. Be realistic. Your character will not be able to destroy buildings the moment they step onto the playing field.

  6. Due to the terms of service set by Zetaboards, we can have no sex. Sorry. If any characters have a "romantic" nightlong encounter, then the scene must be skipped to the morning after. It is presumed that they were not interrupted while rocking the kasbah. However, this doesn't mean we're not LGBT tolerant; in fact, we support it for the diversity of characters it brings. For more information on this, you might want to read the Wiki article on romance
    This rule is now not strictly true! There is an adult forum set aside for this that is only accessible for players over the age of 18 (very specific exceptions apply). If you are part of this forum, you are free to fork your topic to that area and continue so long as both parties can access this forum. If you cannot use this function, then the scene is skipped as mentioned earlier. For more information, please contact an admin.

Getting Started...

  • Before you can roleplay, you need to create a character. Go to Character Applications forum, copy the Character Template into a new post and fill it out. You may also want to check out the Character Guidelines and Setting Information.

  • Once your character application has been posted, wait for a Staff Member or App Monkey to approve it. We may need you to clarify or adjust a few things to make sure they fit or are balanced with the setting. If no one has replied to your application after 48 hours (two days), bring it to our attention via PM or in the CBox at the bottom of every page. Don't worry, we don't bite. (Swallowing, on the other hand...)

  • It is suggested you wait at least two weeks before making additional character applications.

  • With your character, post a new topic in a forum representing one of the games many areas. The first post in this topic will describe your character's dialogue and actions.
    If you're moving to a new location, it is prudent to make a new topic elsewhere, and link the two together with a hyperlink. That way, people playing with you will know to follow too.

  • If a RPing topic already exists, you may have your character join in by responding to the other player's topic.

  • Gameplay is achieved through repeated replies between two or more players. This could be a friendly chat, all-out combat, etc.

  • There will also be times when characters will have to solve puzzles, find objects/people, that kind of thing. Exactly WHAT you do in an RPing topic can be almost anything.


  • Except for "normal" attacks like punching and kicking which have no special power attached to them, you are only allowed one attack per turn unless stated otherwise. Basically, just use your common sense.

  • If you make an attack on your opponent and they do not respond to it within 48 hours of your posting, then the attack is an automatic success and you may post exactly what the attack does to their character and may then take another turn.

  • If an opponent ignores your attack, you may claim an autohit on them. Please be sure to post that they ignored your attack and point out where.

  • Also, bear in mind that you may not kill your opponent's character unless he or she gives you specific permission. That said, players facing situations in which their character would almost certainly die unless some sort of Deus Ex Machina-type event occurred, please try not to be unreasonable and try to godmode yourself out of the situation. Remember, it's only a game.

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