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Status Jul 18 2014, 05:12 AM : Reading "Sorceress of the Witch World" by Andre Norton
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Birthday: May 19, 1981
Location In the belly of the beast
Website http://twitter.com/Avernale
Gender Prefer not to disclose
FurAffinity DesperadoCoyote
Steam Username Avernale
Twitter Username Avernale
DeviantArt/FurAffinity Avernale
What times can you be on? I've been getting in kinda late recently, about 10 PMish, but I try to get in earlier.
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In-Character ThreadsOut of Character Threads
A Stranger Arrives as Mac
Gettin' Straight Outta Dodge as Amber
Big Bones, Big Plans as Crisis
Settling Dust as Nell
Slime in the City as Anne
Concept Battle! Chaos Smash Arena! as GM
Punished as "Momma" (Saira?)
Domesticated as Chase
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Mac "Sonic" Hedgehog
Amber the Dik-Dik
Crisis the Coyote
Nell the Coyote
Metal Crisis
Miko M. Miko
Anne the Jam

Storm of the Century
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Wolfe: [Avernale]'s attack was so confusing Jazz forgot something he has been STRESSING to the rest of us.
Wolfe: [Avernale], you have won the intarwebz.
Jazz: All my porn is there.

Noxedwin: I find it frustrating on the level that I cannot understand the way you work and your standards for time-keeping. You're like a sudoku with a wrong number already printed in a box.
[/tab][tab=Contact Info]Wii Messenger Code: 8939-0318-2911-0449
Super Smash Bros. Brawler Code: 1805-3089-8042
Pokémon Black Code: 4727 7999 5223
3DS Code: 3222-6302-4263
Steam Name: Avernale
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