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Character Creation

How to Create a Character:
  • First of all, you will want to read the Character Guidelines. These will give you the ins and outs of character creation.
  • Next, you need to copy the Character Template and create a new thread in this forum. This character template is used to get all of the necessary information for people to understand your character, where he or she is from, and give some information on how he or she fights. If you wish, you can read through accepted character applications to get some ideas and get the basic idea of how powerful others are.
  • In your newly created thread, paste the character template into the post text box. Follow the guidelines given in parentheses, filling out each entry.
  • If you have any questions, just PM one of the staff!

If you are not confident in using the Character Template, you may semi-automate the application process by visiting the Easy Application Page instead.

Character Applications

Canon Characters
A resource of information about canon characters exclusive to this forum.
Emerl Nocturnus Jan 26 2014, 04:46 AM, By Avernale
Topics: 6 Replies: 4
Stalled Applications
Applications are put in here when they are not responded to for over a month. Applications finding themselves here are not considered void or trash, so if you find an application of yours here, post in it and it will be returned to the parent forum. We also apologise if an application finds itself here due to staff neglect. Please remind us and we'll get back to it!
Prince Basil D'arrez NPC Jun 16 2014, 04:07 PM, By zachwro21
Topics: 94 Replies: 285
Accepted Characters
Character Profiles that have completed and passed the Approval Process are moved here for archival. Only character profiles that are located in this forum may be used for roleplay in In-Context Areas.
Velma Jul 21 2014, 10:41 PM, By Mason Wolf
Topics: 66 Replies: 263
Accepted NPCs
Non-Player Character Profiles that have completed and passed the Approval Process are moved here for archival. Profiles in this section are usable by the creating player in the In-Context Areas, but may ALSO be used by a GM or Staff Member if the need arises.
Verner Felintine Jul 1 2014, 07:52 PM, By zachwro21
Topics: 10 Replies: 22
Transformation Archive
That's right, we have a separate approval forum for Transformations, Super Forms, and all alternate states of being for an existing character! If you want to keep track of them, post them up as separate profiles and get a Staff Member to send them here!
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Character Applications
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