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Adabat City
The City of Waves, this place is an architectural marvel. A major port city, this entire area was built on top of the ocean. Adabatians are a proud people, and their ancestor's achievements are kept in as good condition as possible.
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Ancient Adabat
These ruins, which lie close to modern-day Adabat City,show the architectural marvels of the past civilization of the island, who managed to build their villages on the water like the Adabatians of today... except these ruins are made of stone. These ruins frequently crash down and send tsunamis to the Adabat boardwalk, who are always prepared.
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Adabatian Jungle
The island itself is one large jungle and is extremely dangerous. There is said to be a shrine of some sort deep within, as well as ruins of civilizations far outdating those of Ancient Adabat.
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