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Joinable Groups

  • A group is an association of characters toward a common goal.
  • Each group is given its own subforum, and with enough members and activity, its own IC headquarters
  • Groups are technically lead by prominent figures.
  • Group management is handled by the group leaders, who have moderator abilities in the group forum.
  • You are currently allowed a maximum of one group
  • Each of your characters can be in one group at a time
  • Your characters are not allowed to share information about the group, IC or otherwise.
  • All rules set by the group leaders are to be followed as long as they do not conflict with Sonic Cyclone's rules.
  • Also, all general staff--global moderators and administrators--have full permissions for your group's forum.
How to Set Up a Group:
  • You must have 250 posts to create a group (exceptions will be made based on general activity)
  • You must have at least three characters--not counting your own--that will join the group the moment it is created.
  • Create a new topic. Use the following template:
Group Application Template

Joining a Group
  • Find which group you want your character to join.
  • Go to the joinable groups manager (also reachable via the "Preferences" tab on the top of the page) and find the list of leaders for the group.
  • Send the leader a PM, discussing why your character should be in there. If they decide to accept you, they can do so via the same page.

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