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Hran in its Many Forms

Hran is a sprawling flatland, occasionally broken by a mesa or butte. Its wide rivers wind down from the massive mountains that form the inland border of its semi-ellipse borders. The capital, Beilon, is a massive city dwarfed by few, declared the capital after its move to democracy one hundred and fifty years ago. Its climate is ripe for rice paddies, making it the world's top supplier and placing it high on the list of countries vital to the welfare of mankind.


The capital city of Hran, it is a major port. People trade in bazaars on the streets, while the world-corrupt play chess with their lives from the inner city's skyscrapers.
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The beginning of a long search May 16 2014, 02:34 AM, By Mason Wolf
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The bustling city of Spagonia, despite it's size, is quaint and beautiful. After the world was broken apart, it ended up becoming part of the Hran, becoming a major port city and the primary location for the construction of a space elevator. For now, however, there are a lot of small business, and everything functions on a come-and-go basis. A huge clock tower is one of the key features of the skyline. The city of Apotos recently joined borders and governments with Spagonia.
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Those Who Steal Together... Jul 25 2014, 02:04 AM, By Avery
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The Prettiest Band in Mobius
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